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Role play

On 04:27 PM on 01/07/2009

well, here it is! prepare for roleplay!


gwen blinked, she didn't remember getting on a ship... she walked to the side and looked around. there was nothing but ocean in every direction. the only other thing was the sky, with a couple of clouds in it. she heard a bark from her left, and turned in that direction, steping slightly away from the barrier.

Role play

On 11:24 AM on 01/09/2009

Ash: oh great a ship, why does it have to be a ship cant it be a flying ship. at least those arent in water...  stupid water.  and i get  *runs over to side of ship* seasick.

Role play

On 11:56 AM on 01/09/2009

*saldadar bounds over to gwen*

saladar: *bark bark*

gwen: hey there, boy! *turns to ash* excuse me, do you know where we are?

Role play

On 12:23 PM on 01/09/2009

Ash : umm in the middle of nowhere? i hope the ship dosent sink...

Role play

On 01:50 PM on 01/09/2009

gwen: *sweatdrop* i don't think...

saladar: *growls at the horizan*

*pirate ship just starting to appear*

Role play

On 04:58 PM on 01/09/2009

The pirate ship that came into view is Ravs_Intellect's ship. Intellect gets a telescope and scans the area.

Intellect: I see two people in that area. Let's investigate!




Role play

On 05:00 PM on 01/09/2009

Head pirate: My liege, what shall we do?

Intellect: Let's pcik these two scally-wags up and bring them onto our ship.

Head pirate: Very well sir. Take those two hostage! Now!

Pirates: Aye sir!



Role play

On 02:27 AM on 01/10/2009

gwen: saladar? what's wrong?

saladar: *stands on hind legs, putting his front paws on the barrier* [growl]

gwen: *looks* oh, another ship! and they're heading right for us. what's that flag?

Role play

On 05:05 PM on 01/10/2009
shad:boo erevyone: gasp

Role play

On 06:31 PM on 01/10/2009

Ravs_Intellect's ship arrives at the shore. Many of his men arrive on the beach, and prepare to attack the others. However, a mysterious character arrives on the scene....

???: Back down Intellect, before I turn you into dust!

Head Pirate: Oh my! What's that?!

Intellect: It can't be.....

???: You may have had me trapped in the dark realm, but this time, it's your turn to face your maker!

Intellect: Is this possible?


Who is this mysterious character? Will he/she rescue the others? Stay tuned to find out...



Role play

On 06:39 PM on 01/10/2009

???: So, you want to die then? Very well....step forth!

Intellect: Die, you traitorous scum!


The mysterious person and Ravs_Intellect have a fight. The brawl lasts for about half an hour, but ??? is the victor.

???: Shall I kill you now?!

Intellect: No, you cannot do that to me! *performs a special chant*

Ignou Hifune (pronounced Ig-No-Hi-Fu-Ney)


Ravs_Intellect disappears into thin air.



Role play

On 02:14 AM on 01/11/2009

(you know, i just noticed, when saladar stands on his hind legs he's taller than gwen!wait... shore? we were on a ship a minute ago!!! o_0 lol just kidding)


saladar: *stands in front of gwen* [growl]

Role play

On 12:25 PM on 01/11/2009
shad:tun in wolf and bawl with rav (shad is not imself?)

Role play

On 12:40 PM on 01/11/2009

???: Gwen? Saladar? Shad? Are you alright?

I hope Intellect didn't injure you, because if he did, then he will surely pay!

Role play

On 01:58 PM on 01/11/2009

Ash : hey what about me!

Role play

On 02:37 PM on 01/11/2009

saladar: *stay's in front of gwen*

gwen: wait... how do you know our names?


(the ??? as a name leads me to think of saying this, all i can imagine is cloaked figure with a hood. don't worry about saladar not trusting you, he doesn't trust anyone)

Role play

On 03:16 PM on 01/11/2009

Ash: *falls asleep*

Role play

On 02:43 AM on 01/13/2009

gwen: *looks at ash* errrrmmmm *sweatdrop*

saladar: *barks in ash's ear*


(and saladar's bark LOUD, seriously, imagine the loudest bark you've ever heard. now times it by two. YOU'RE GETTING THERE)

Role play

On 11:45 AM on 01/13/2009

Ash(temporarily deafened): *gets up*

Role play

On 12:58 PM on 01/13/2009

saladar: [growl]

gwen: *trying to calm saladar down... unsuccessfully*