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roleplay scrapbook

On 04:32 PM on 01/28/2009

DF came up with this, and it's a good idea. here we can post anything we've thought up, drawn or written to go with the roleplay.

roleplay scrapbook

On 07:53 AM on 01/31/2009

does anyone except me know how to put pictures on?

roleplay scrapbook

On 05:55 AM on 02/04/2009

yes i canbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin:/coollollollol;)lol

roleplay scrapbook

On 03:36 AM on 04/03/2009


roleplay scrapbook

On 01:19 PM on 04/04/2009



\_  _/


New happy face!

I'm not lazy, just energy efficient! ;)


Just to prove it, i went to the jym this morning, i found this new machine but after an hour i felt sick. It's great though, does kit-kats, mars-bars, snickers and even doritos!

roleplay scrapbook

On 10:43 AM on 04/06/2009
i dont how to it or is just cpu