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role play profiles

On 11:51 AM on 01/07/2009

this is where we should post roleplay character profiles, so if anyone forgets the characters they can just check here. i'll start.


name: gwen

race/material: wood

appearance: pink turtleneck jumper, blue jeans, blond hair that actually once was on a bunch of my little ponies, hair is many different colours due to this.

personality: very kind and caring, sometimes too much so. can be overly helpfull and trusting. hasn't yet clicked that she's flamable.

SQUEE!!! i will kill you all later!!! lol


role play profiles

On 12:22 PM on 01/07/2009

i forgot a bit.


abilities: naturally buoyant. dificult to kill. acrobat. does not need to eat, drink or breathe.

weaknesses: can't dive under water. easily snappable. trusting.

role play profiles

On 03:48 PM on 01/07/2009

name: saladar

race/material: unknown. too big for a dog, too small for a bear

appearance: dog-like. brown fur. white stomach and chin.

personality: cunning. a bit uppity at times. untrusting. worldly, for a quadroped. gwen knows him.

abilities: speech (chooses not to speak) a bit of strength due to his size.

weaknesses: ego. rather slow when running

role play profiles

On 11:42 AM on 01/08/2009

Name: ash

Race/material: human

Appearance: natural blue hair and red eyes

Abilities: can control fire(but is useless at putting it out), body is fireproof

Weaknesses: fear of water, can't swim, only uses a twig as a weapon

role play profiles

On 11:44 AM on 01/08/2009


role play profiles

On 01:08 PM on 01/08/2009

cool! now you can roleplay! ^.^

role play profiles

On 03:01 PM on 01/08/2009

name: shad

race: shadow

appearance: glowing green eyes and shadow hair

abilities: power of the wild, shapesift and body is dackmagicproof

weakness: uva rays and lriycs

weapon: shadow bow


role play profiles

On 11:26 AM on 01/09/2009

Umm that might need fixing...

shadow_bow for weapon is a weakness?

role play profiles

On 11:58 AM on 01/09/2009

maybe there should be a weapon line... just gwen doesn't really have a fixed weapon

role play profiles

On 12:21 PM on 01/09/2009


name: shad

race: shadow

appearance: glowing green eyes and shadow hair

abilities: power of the wild, shapesift and body is dackmagicproof wrekness: uva rays and lriycs

weapon: shadow bow

role play profiles

On 12:46 PM on 01/09/2009

Ok, here's my role play profile


Name: Ravs_Desire

Race: Spirit

Appearance: Metal plated armour all over the body, slightly spiky red hair, and a tattooed face.

Personality: Friendly and approachable, however can be very moody due to the fact that he cannot see his love, Lady Ravishing

Abilities: Able to create lightning bolts, make things glow any colour and makes people say their true feelings

Weaknesses: Losing his temper rather easily, has little resistance against ice



role play profiles

On 12:50 PM on 01/09/2009

you :Posts: 1 ...

me: posts more than 100...


role play profiles

On 12:52 PM on 01/09/2009

Here's another one


Name: Ravs_Passion

Race: Human

Appearance: Dark brown hair, baggy beige trousers, with a T-shirt that says "My bro's Ravs_Desire!" Has a tattoo of Yin/Yang on his left cheek

Personality: Stroppy, but very loyal to his brother. Has a cunning mind, but very rarely uses it.

Abilities: Able to create duplicates of himself and summon lightning bolts, like Ravs_Desire

Weaknesses: Bad against Fire, Water powers and telekinesis



role play profiles

On 12:54 PM on 01/09/2009

Oh, I forgot:


Ravs_Desire's weapon: Lightning Desire Mace

Ravs_Passion's weapon: Cunning Passion Sword



role play profiles

On 12:55 PM on 01/09/2009

Like my picture?



role play profiles

On 01:00 PM on 01/09/2009

How about a third person?


Name: Ravs_Intellect

Race: Demon

Appearance: Has blue horns on his forehead, red-pink skin, carries a special wand with it at all times. Has little wings on it's back. Has the appearance of a man, but it's asexual.

Personality: Very cunning, and is the match for Ravs_Passion in intellect. Manipulative, but also quite sweet at the same time.

Weaknesses: Spiritual powers and water

Weapon: Deceptive Demon's Wand



role play profiles

On 02:30 PM on 01/21/2009
wolf fiag

role play profiles

On 02:46 PM on 01/21/2009
o i forgat his name wolf fing race:wolf powrs:super speed a lot of POWER in teeth Appearance: wolf like Personality: like to be with frands and over wolf and dogs wpeeon: him self

role play profiles

On 03:17 PM on 01/21/2009

Read the main role play page, all will be explained.


Name: Masao Nakate

Race: Human/Spirit

Appearance: Has a white cloak, and white trousers. Has a scar on his left cheek, Has dark hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Very protective of everyone, even if they are his enemies

Abilities: Can summon thunder and has superhuman strength.

Weaknesses: No one knows what his weakness is....

Weapon: Pride and Justice (Twin Spears)



role play profiles

On 10:06 AM on 02/15/2009

Name: Perrin

Race: Tiefling (human that sold its soul to the dark side)

Appearence: Blood red skin, 5.5 foot tall, two 7inch horns curving above head wears a cloak of permantly falling blood

Personality: hard to gain trust but once you do he is extremly protective and kind and careing

Abbilities: can teleport himself to places but not back out of them, able to turn into a giant on the night of the new moon.

Weakness:element x (aka silver weapons)

weapon: silver chain whip and silner plated twin knives