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Pokemon roleplay

On 03:00 AM on 01/28/2010

A quick attack is always a useful move to know, and one is being fired off right now, as a yellow blur streaks towards a small brown creature. The jolteon easily knocks out the eevee, sending back a few feet. Now a streak of red joins in, striking the semiconscious eevee, which promptly turns into red energy, and is gathered into the pokeball. There's the tense moment, Will it be captured? A bong from the pokeball announces yes, and a cheer erupts from the trainer who threw it. She would seem quite odd to many, wearing goggles atop her head, for no apparent reason. She picks up the pokeball, and hooks it to her belt.

"That was fun, huh, Sparky?" She grins down at the jolteon that now trots to her side, seeming to smile itself.

Pokemon roleplay

On 12:27 PM on 02/11/2010

Meanwhile, somewhere not too far away... in some tall grass...

Wild Oddish Appeared!

Richard: Go! Swampert! *sends out Swampert* Use earthquake!!

*oddish faints, due to obvious overkill*

*swampert continues to use earthquake*

Richard: Swampert, that's enough earthquakes! Return! *Swampert returns to it's pokeball* Ahh, earthquake, whatever would I do without it...

Pokemon roleplay

On 04:35 PM on 02/12/2010

Rowan: *Ground shakes* What the-?!

Sparky: JOLT?! *Struggling to maintain balance*

Pokemon roleplay

On 07:05 AM on 02/13/2010

Richard: hmmm, that sounds like another trainer... come on Swampert! *pokeball starts shaking*

(yes, he's talking to the pokeball)

Pokemon roleplay

On 03:44 PM on 02/13/2010

(Rowan does that regularly)


Rowan: That earthquake's stopped


Sparky: J-jolt...

Pokemon roleplay

On 02:37 PM on 02/14/2010

Richard: *spots Rowan* aha! *runs over*

Pokemon roleplay

On 05:03 PM on 02/15/2010

Rowan: Aha to you too. Did you feel that earthquake too?


Sparky: Jolt. *It seems to be a greeting, curteous or not is indistinguishable.*

Pokemon roleplay

On 12:42 PM on 02/16/2010

Richard: yeah, that was me, well my swampert... *holds up the shaking pokeball* he even does it in there... *accedently drops pokeball, releasing swampert*

Swampert: *sees Sparky* SWAMP!!! *chases*

Richard: Swampert come back!

Pokemon roleplay

On 04:14 AM on 02/18/2010

Rowan: *Reflexes kick in* Sparky, jump!


Sparky: Jolt! *Jumps over swampert*

Pokemon roleplay

On 07:20 AM on 02/18/2010

Richard: *picks up the dropped pokeball*

Swampert: *uses earthquake, again*


Swampert: *stops* swamp...

Richard: sorry about that, he gets over excited sometimes...

Pokemon roleplay

On 02:31 PM on 02/18/2010

Rowan: No worries, Sparky here has good reflexes.


Sparky: Jolt. *Leans against Rowan*


Rowan: Yeah yeah, I do too.

Pokemon roleplay

On 02:57 PM on 02/18/2010

Richard: Swampert!

Swampert: *returns to pokeball*

Richard: There! Now, to continue looking for that pokemon center...

Pokemon roleplay

On 05:02 AM on 02/19/2010

Rowan: I just came from a town down that way, there's one there. *Points down path*

Pokemon roleplay

On 05:20 AM on 02/19/2010

Richard: Thanks! *starts to walk down path*

*A man runs up to Richard.*

Man: I wouldn't go there, the town is being attacked by wild Beedrill!

Pokemon roleplay

On 11:00 AM on 02/19/2010

Rowan: Is it now? *Looks down at Spraky* What'd you say? Going?


Sparky: JOLT! *Bolts down path closely followed by Rowan*

Pokemon roleplay

On 03:10 PM on 02/19/2010

Richard: Hey, wait for me!

Pokemon roleplay

On 03:05 PM on 02/23/2010

Rowan: *sends out Aqua* I'll be needing the pair of you.


Aqua: Vaporeon~


Sparky: JOLT!!

Pokemon roleplay

On 04:04 PM on 02/23/2010

Richard: *sends out Swampert* Ok, Swampert earthquake won't work because they're flying.

Swampert: Swamp?

Richard: Yes, I'm sure...

Pokemon roleplay

On 05:20 PM on 02/27/2010

Rowan: Ready back there?! *Over her shoulder*


Sparky: JOLT JOLT!


Rowan: I am focusing, just making sure they are too.


Aqua: Vaporeon~




Rowan: Okay, break it up you two.

Pokemon roleplay

On 11:02 AM on 02/28/2010

Richard: *looking at the town* that's a lot of Beedrill...

Swampert: Swamp! *runs over and hits a Beedrill* *gets chased by several*